HandsFreeFarm® is our commitment to the prosperity of every farmer through the use of smart autosteering technology. We built this website to highlight the benefits of autosteering for farms of all sizes.

HandsFreeFarm.com was created by AgJunction, Inc. (TSX:AJX), a global leader of advanced guidance and autosteering solutions for precision agriculture applications. AgJunction is committed to advance its vision by bringing affordable hands-free farming to every farm, regardless of terrain or size.
Featured Stories
"“Even the small farmer can afford these systems.""
Affordable autosteer adds direction to older gear
The Western Producer - September 23, 2021
AgJunction Announces Their New Wheelman® Pro HP & Wheelman® Flex HP Autosteering Systems
Intrado GlobeNewsWire - October 21, 2020
"AgJunction has been a pioneer in making autosteering easy-to-use, cost effective and more widely accessible for farms of all types."
AgJunction Announces Strategic Partnership with Farmer’s Business Network, Inc.
Bloomberg - October 22, 2019
"Since its debut about 20 years ago, autosteering has become the key technology in driving the precision agriculture movement."
AgWeek Autosteering for All
AgWeek - August 28, 2019
"The precision benefits of planting and cutting hay became quickly obvious to him"
NorCal rancher sees value in autosteer technology
Western Farm Press - August 22, 2019
"Once the contour is set, the Wheelman ensures every pass after that will be identical to the first contour across the whole field."
Farmers and ranchers get hands-on look at hands-free steering
AgDaily - August 16, 2019
"If you’ve got older equipment and have wanted to move to autosteering, AgJunction’s Wheelman product might be right for your business."
Company creates autosteer for everyone
Western Farmer-Stockman - March 12, 2019
AgJunction Releases Wheelman Auto-Steering System
Precision Farming Dealer - February 19, 2019
New kit makes autosteer available to every farm
Real Agriculture - February 18, 2019
Wheelman Autosteering for your Older Tractors by AgJunction
Machinery Pete - February 15, 2019
"We believe that all farmers should prosper, and with autosteering, farmers can reduce input costs and increase yields"
New Lineup of Products Makes Autosteer Available for Every Farm
Cision PR Newswire - February 12, 2019
"When I discovered Wheelman could be purchased for half the money and I could install it right out of the box, I was sold!"
New Lineup of Products Makes Autosteer Available for Every Farm
Markets Insider - February 12, 2019
"It’s the most adopted technology, but there are still lots of opportunity for it to be used."
Guidance Goes Small: Ag technology companies seek to bring high-end GPS auto-steering to sub-1,000-acre farms.
Progressive Farmer - August 01, 2019
AgJunction Expands Automatic Steering Market to Smaller Farms
Precision Ag - August 14, 2018
"The USDA estimates that auto steer can save $15 per acre annually"
AgJunction Introduces Affordable Do-It-Yourself Auto Steer System
Successful Farming - August 13, 2018
Space Technology Hall of Fame - RTK AutoSteer - April 06, 2006
2019 Innovator of the Year: Large Company Award - October 24, 2019
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