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The RANGER steering guidance system makes GPS simple, to help you farm precisely.

Easy-to-Install and Use

  • Ready, right out of the box - RANGER includes everything you need, installs in minutes, and is simple to use, so you can start farming precisely right away.
  • Easy on the eyes - RANGER’s intuitive, patented steering guide shows visual cues in advance so you can focus on farming instead of staring at a map

Built for Farmers

  • Accurate - RANGER provides the GPS accuracy needed for many precision farming applications.
  • Smart - RANGER’s easy guidance includes smart features like A=B for straight rows, free-form contour for terraces and irregular fields, return to point to come back to where you started and NMEA port to share position with implements and yield monitors.
  • Proven - Built by AgJunction, the company that brought you Outback Guidance and a leading provider of precision agriculture solutions for 20 years.

Steering Guide

  • Light bar provides visual cues picked up in peripheral vision so you can focus on farming.
  • Heading indicator shows the proper nose heading based on a point well in advance of the tractor’s current position. This gives the operator steering instructions prior to getting off track, dramatically improves accuracy, reduces overlap and skip and simplifies operation.
  • Headland indicator indicates when you traverse previously applied areas including headlands to help with implement control.

Path Planning

  • Straight Guidance made simple by selecting start point (A) and end point (B). RANGER takes over and guides on uniformly straight, parallel passes, spaced to the swath width entered.
    • Pass numbering keeps track of which pass you are on.
    • Skip passes, take them in different order, or come back if you wish.
    • Snap lets you leave space between passes or adjust your line for satellite drift.
  • Contour Guidance provides guidance for irregularly shaped fields and terraces using the prior pass.
  • Calculate field area automatically while laying out the headlands.
  • Return to point after leaving the field for any reason. RANGER saves the passes you’ve traversed and the last point. When you return, RANGER will guide you back and let you resume the job.

DGPS Receiver and Antenna

  • Better than GPS, differential global positioning (DGPS) technology utilizes WAAS correction signals with no annual subscription fees.
  • Horizontal accuracy of less than 22 inches with 95% confidence*
  • Satellite indicators to let you know when you have sufficient satellite reception to achieve DGPS accuracy


  • Set swath width determines the spacing between passes.
  • Set screen brightness to support low-light and bright conditions.


  • NMEA 0183 port to share the DGPS signal with yield monitors, rate controllers, and other third-party applications.
  • Ground Speed Interface (GSI) provides ground speed to rate controllers and speed sensors through the power cable to replace radar or wheel sensors.


  • RAM Mount adaptor included for simple, sturdy mounting and removal.
  • Lighter adaptor included for power and portability.

Everything you need to know to farm precisely with RANGER is right here.


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