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Wheelman® Pro HP

SKU: 920-0003-01

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Wheelman Pro HP Autosteering - includes everything you need

  • Steering Wheel
  • Whirl™ Autosteering App (iOS and Android)
  • Guidance Dashboard
  • HPX-200 Smart Antenna/Receiver
  • High-Precision IMU
  • Power Cable
  • Vehicle Installation Kit

Steering Wheel

  • Replaces your steering wheel with a motorized, GPS-controlled steering system
  • High torque to respond quickly, even with older vehicles
  • Water and dust resistant design
  • Power switch indicates system readiness
  • Durable, high-grip wheel for you when you want to take back control

Whirl™ Autosteering App

  • Automatically keeps your Wheelman Pro HP updated with the latest software
  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

You will need Whirl to setup your Wheelman Pro HP

  • Enter the measurements of your vehicle and how you installed Wheelman Pro HP
  • Calibrate your Wheelman Pro HP to ensure that it steers your vehicle precisely
  • Add new implements and store them for future use
  • Set parameters such as nudge distance

You can also use Whirl to autosteer with your Wheelman Pro HP

  • Set the starting points and endpoints
  • Create straight line, contour, pivot and A+ paths 
  • Engage from the Whirl app and Wheelman Pro HP takes over steering for you
  • Nudge or snap as needed

Minimum requirements:

  • If using Android phones or tablets: Android 5.1
  • If using Apple phones or tablets: iOS 11
  • If using Fire tablets: Fire OS 5.0
  • Click to contact support

Guidance Dashboard

  • Autosteering at your fingertips with the integrated dashboard computer
  • Set the starting point and endpoint to define a path that gets repeated across your field
  • Create straight line or contour paths, useful for terraced fields. You can also use the free Whirl app for other paths like pivot.
  • Engage and Wheelman Pro HP takes over steering for you
  • Nudge or snap as needed to account for variation in your fields
  • The dashboard broadcasts its own Wi-Fi to connect to your mobile device

Smart Antenna/Receiver

  • High-precision HPX-200 GPS antenna keeps you on path
  • Utilizes paid satellite subscription service HPX-10 (pass-to-pass accuracy of 4 inches)
  • Finds the GPS signal quickly
  • < 60 sec. cold start time
  • < 10 sec. hot start time
  • Convergence Time: 10 — 40 minutes

High-Precision Remote IMU

  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU) senses the movement of your vehicle
  • Works together with GPS to keep your vehicle on path even on hilly terrain or when momentarily out of satellite coverage
  • High-precision specifically for autosteering applications

Power Cable

  • Single cable for power and communication to the antenna and IMU
  • Extra length lets you snake the cable through your vehicle
  • Built to last with waterproof and dustproof connectors

    Vehicle Installation Kit

    • A simple kit to attach the Wheelman Pro HP to your vehicle
    • No experience required, just a few common tools to install
    • Attaches in very little time. Adjusts to accommodate model variations
    • Specialized kits available for over 700 makes and models

    Minimum and Maximum Speeds

    You are ultimately responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle. Wheelman Pro HP will disengage autosteering under the following speeds, as detected by the GPS receiver:

    • Minimum speed of 1.0 miles/h (1.6 km/h) for non-RTK GNSS
    • Maximum speed of 12.4 miles/h (20.0 km/h) for non-RTK GNSS
    • Autosteering Sensitivity settings will also limit how fast your tractor can autosteer. The Sensitivity value is normally set around 7, but different vehicles with different implements may require a different value. If going too fast, Wheelman will disengage autosteering, per the following table.

    Speed (Miles per Hour)Maximum Sensitivity
    Below 620
    6 — 910
    Above 97

    Speed (Kilometers per Hour)Maximum Sensitivity
    Below 1020
    10 — 1510
    Above 157

    Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

    • Wheelman Pro HP delivers the proven productivity benefits of autosteering systems with a high pass-to-pass prevision. This means increased productivity, reduced costs, and less fatigue!
    • Our device was built to last and comes with a one-year warranty
    • Depending on your farming operation, Wheelman Pro HP can quickly pay for itself in the first season with reduced crop input, labor and maintenance costs.


    • We designed Wheelman Pro HP to work with new and old vehicles alike, so you can have an old tractor autosteering as accurately as a new tractor in less than a few hours.
    • Buy now and you’ll have the device in hand in less than a week.
    • Need any help? Contact support at 1-877-WHEELMAN or check out our online help.

    No Experience Necessary

    • Install the device yourself. Our customized kits have everything included and don’t require any special tools.
    • Use our Whirl mobile app to quickly and easily calibrate your vehicle and start autosteering.


    Find install manuals and quick start guides in our online help center


    Still have questions, get help from our 24/7 customer support team when you visit our online help center.

    AgJunction Extended Support & Warranty coverage (North America Only)

    It includes product support and guarantees your product for the extended warranty time chosen.

    Extended Support & Warranty Coverage:

    • Phone and email support within 24 hours in North America
    • Repair or replacement with a remanufactured (reman) unit
    • Guarantee of a 3-day + Overnight Shipment
    • Shipping and handling fees included
    • No out-of-pocket expenses
    • 12-month extended warranty – 1 reman unit max shipped to a customer within a 12-month period
    • 24-month extended warranty – 2 reman units max shipped to customer within a 24-month period

    • Not Covered

      1. Does not cover loss of equipment
      2. Does not cover stolen equipment
      3. Does not cover broken or damaged components

      *Transfers of Extended Support & Warranty plans are not allowed.

      Extended Support & Warranty Plans

      TypeGeneral SupportHardware SupportStandard Price
      Standard Warranty3 Months
      (from purchase date)
      12 Months
      (from purchase date)
      Included in original price
      Extended Support & Warranty Plan 12 Months12 Months
      (from purchase date)
      12 Months Guaranteed Fast Unit Replacement
      (from purchase date)
      $205.00 (Standard Wheelman)
      $275.00 (Wheelman High Precision)
      Extended Support & Warranty Plan 24 Months24 Months
      (from purchase date)
      24 Months Guaranteed Fast Unit Replacement
      (from purchase date)
      $410.00 (Standard Wheelman)
      $549.00 (Wheelman High Precision)