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Flexible Autosteering for Every Farmer

Wheelman keeps your vehicle on path within 4-6" so you make fewer passes, and reduce input costs. Wheelman Flex is portable and lets you switch easily between vehicles. So now with one device, you can till, spray or plant.

Wheelman Flex was designed to make each season hassle-free and efficient by reducing your input costs and labor hours. It will keep track of your progress on each piece of equipment with the Whirl Autosteering App, which knows where you left off so you can farm more efficiently.

To move Wheelman Flex from one vehicle to the other, simply remove it from your steering wheel and use the universal DIY Flex Kit to install it on your next vehicle. Then, follow the recalibration process and you’re done! In less than an hour your Wheelman Flex is in the field and ready to use.

Have more vehicles to autosteer? Purchase additional Flex Kits to easily move your Wheelman Flex between your various vehicles.

Download the free Whirl app to your mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android) to configure and operate Wheelman. 

*Wheelman precision levels are stated in inches of cross-track error as reported and logged by the Wheelman steering system while following an A=B guidance line at a speed between 3 and 10 mph under ideal conditions with a well-maintained, standard tractor. This precision level is a depiction of the ability of the system to steer to a guidance line and does not reflect either the absolute accuracy of the position or pass-to-pass accuracy that will vary due to time delay between passes.

SKU: 921-0002-01


Wheelman Flex gives you flexibility to move your autosteering solution to different vehicles on your farm.

Affordable Productivity

  • Wheelman Flex delivers the proven productivity benefits of autosteering without betting the farm.
  • Reduce crop input, labor and maintenance costs.
  • Water and dust resistant design to give you years of improved productivity.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • Wheelman Flex lets you start autosteering quickly, on your terms.
  • Buy direct from our easy eStore and we’ll ship immediately.
  • Add Wheelman Flex attachment kits to the vehicles on your farm and calibrate in under an hour.
  • Move your Wheelman Flex in minutes and start autosteering.


  • Everything about Wheelman is easy so farming is your focus.
  • Simple installation with no special tools and universal kits and a single power/data cable.
  • Calibrate your vehicle and Wheelman will continuously monitor to automatically keep you in a line and on path.
  • Easy smartphone and tablet application that uses the phone you have to steer your tractor, manage your team, and store your data securely.


Quick Start Guide

Find the essential quick start guide here

Wheelman Flex Quick Start Guide

HPX-200 Antenna Install Guide


Find install manuals and quick start guides in our online help center


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Extended Support & Warranty Coverage:

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    • No out-of-pocket expenses
    • 12-month extended warranty – 1 reman unit max shipped to a customer within a 12-month period
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        • Does not cover loss of equipment
        • Does not cover stolen equipment
        • Does not cover broken or damaged components
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