About Wheelman

● Guidance Dashboard

● Fit Kit for your specific equipment

● Smart Antenna

● Weatherproof steering wheel and mounting kit (only included with Pro)

● High-Precision Remote IMU

● Power Cable

● Quick reference guide

● Installation guide

● Whirl™ Autosteering App

Install the device yourself in just a couple hours. Our customized kits have everything included and don’t require any special tools.

Many farmers find that autosteering is too expensive, especially for small- to medium-sized operations.

We've designed Wheelman to meet family farmers' needs, but with the same great performance you expect from higher priced solutions.

We've removed the complexity so farmers can install Wheelman with no dealer assistance.

There are 2 antenna types:

● The standard Smart Antenna uses WAAS GPS signals to help guide your vehicle and does not require any subscription.

● The HPX-200 antenna also uses satellite based corrections, but with much better accuracy. To use this high accuracy mode, it requires a subscription to the HPX-10 satellite correction service. For the seasons when you don't require high accuracy, no subscription is needed to use the HPX-200 with the standard WAAS service.

Your Wheelman unit is built to last, including water and dust resistant parts and connections.

We keep your Wheelman up to date automatically. The free Whirl mobile app downloads updates wirelessly and automatically updates your Wheelman.

Make sure your mobile device (phone or tablet) is running the latest Whirl version so you can take advantage of its updated features.

About the Whirl App

The Whirl Autosteering App is the brains inside your Wheelman device. Once set up, you can use the Whirl App or the built-in dashboard to operate your Wheelman and autosteer your vehicle.

The Whirl App is required to set up and update your Wheelman. Before you install Wheelman, be sure to download the Whirl App on your mobile device and sign in with the username and password you used when you purchased your Wheelman.

The Whirl app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be found on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

An Internet connection is only needed for the first login. After that, no Internet connection is required to operate your autosteering system.

Using Wheelman

Yes! Wheelman supports a variety of articulated / 4WD equipment useful for pulling heavy implements like those used in spring and fall tillage.

We have ranchers and crop farmers using Wheelman for everything from daily chores such as feeding cattle to seasonal crop activities such as tilling, planting and spraying.

Wheelman works on any size farm but was designed for farms with 250 to 2,000 acres. As one Wheelman user put it, 'the uses are up to your imagination'.

Yes! Wheelman can autosteer your tractor for pull behind tillage, disking and spraying.

After your initial calibration, the unit can function by using the dashboard. So, it is not required to keep your mobile device in the cab for operation. However, your mobile device will be needed for any changes or updates to your settings on the Whirl App.

Wheelman can autosteer straight, contour, pivot, and A+ paths. We’re adding new features all the time to the free Whirl app used to control your Wheelman.

With just the initial calibration, Wheelman will usually steer your vehicle accurately and smoothly.

To fine-tune your performance for specific implements, challenging terrain, or different speeds, we make it simple to adjust sensitivity, backlash, and angle of attack parameters.

Customer support

1-877-Wheelman (1-877-943-3562)

Send a message

Email: support@handsfreefarm.com.