Wheelman® Autosteering

Includes Everything You Need


Wheelman Pro: Smart Device & Wheel

  • Replaces your steering wheel with a motorized, GPS-controlled steering system

  • Water and dust resistant design

  • Power switch indicates system readiness

  • Durable, high-grip wheel for you when you want to take back control

    Everything you see here included with your purchase.

Wheelman Flex: Smart Device

  • Autosteer several tractors on your farm with complete GPS autosteering you can move across equipment to help you farm more productively

  • Snap and unsnap around your existing steering with installed attachment kit (one provided)

  • Water and dust resistant design

  • Power switch indicates system readiness

Whirl™ Autosteering App

The first precision autosteering display that's a mobile app.

Everything you'd expect in a display:

  • Create straight line, contour or pivot paths.

  • Follow the path whether autosteering or steering manually

  • Ability to save tasks and log coverage

  • Control your Wheelman, including snap and nudge

  • Pause when you need to and set a marker to return to point

  • Calibrate and store different vehicles and implement profiles

  • Adjust sensitivity, backlash, and angle of attack to fine-tune autosteering

Included free with your Wheelman as a mobile app:
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, or Android phones or tablets

  • Everything you expect with a mobile app, use your mobile device to pinch-to-zoom, swipe menus, landscape and portrait mode, change font sizes and switch to night-mode.

  • Autosteer in the background while you use your smart device

  • Track and manage tasks such as tractor used, time in filed, implement, crop and type of task.

  • Easy-to-use, updated OTA with new features

  • Wheelman broadcasts its own wifi to connect to your mobile device


Minimum requirements:
  • If using Android phones or tablets: Android 5.1

  • If using Apple phones or tablets: iOS 11

  • If using Fire tablets: Fire OS 5.0

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Guidance Dashboard

  • Autosteering at your fingertips with the integrated dashboard computer.

  • Set the starting point and endpoint to define a path that gets repeated across your field.

  • Create straight lines or contour paths, useful for terraced fields. Use free Whirl™ app for other paths like pivot and heading paths.

  • Engage and let Wheelman® take over steering for you.

  • Nudge or snap as needed to account for variation in your fields.

  • Dashboard broadcasts its own wifi to your mobile device for calibration, updates and data communication.


Smart Antenna

  • High-precision, smart GPS antenna and receiver keeps you on path

  • Utilizes free WAAS GPS correction. No extra subscriptions necessary

  • Finds the GPS signal quickly

    • Less than 60 seconds cold start time

    • Less than 30 seconds warm start time

    • Less than 10 seconds hot start time

  • Type: Single-frequency differential GNSS with SBAS


  • Update frequency: 10 Hz.

  • Output: NMEA-2000 (CAN)


HPX-200 Smart Antenna

  • The HPX-200 upgrades the standard Wheelman Pro and Flex to a Wheelman Pro HP and Wheelman Flex HP

  • The HPX-200 is a multi-GNSS antenna that uses GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou signals for simultaneous satellite tracking

  • When paired with the HPX-10 satellite correction service, it provides 1.6" pass-to-pass accuracy. The HPX-10 is a subscription based service

  • Can utilize the free WAAS GPS correction, with no subscriptions

  • Finds the GPS signal quickly

    • Less than 60 seconds cold start time

    • Less than 10 seconds hot start time

  • Convergence Time: 10 to 40 minutes

  • Update frequency: 10 Hz.

  • Output: NMEA-2000 (CAN)


High-Precision Remote IMU

  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU) senses the movement of your vehicle.

  • Works together with GPS to keep your vehicle on path, even on hilly terrain or when momentarily out of satellite coverage.

  • High-precision for autosteering applications.


Power Cable

  • Single cable for power and communication to the antenna and IMU.

  • Extra length lets you snake the cable through your vehicle.

  • Built to last with water and dust resistant connectors.


Fit Kit

  • Heavy-duty mounting hardware to attach your Wheelman to your vehicle.

  • Easily adjusts to accommodate model variations.

  • Simple installation, no experience required, just a few common tools are needed.

  • We work with over 700 vehicle makes and models including MFWD and 4WD.