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When you combine the Wheelman® system with the HPX-200 Antenna and the HPX-10 correction service (subscription sold separately) you can get accuracy down to 1.6" (pass-to pass).
This means that you can complete your work with more precision and less pass-to-pass overlaps. In addition to reducing operator fatigue, Wheelman Pro HP helps to improve your bottom line by reducing equipment operating hours, input, labor, and fuel costs.
Wheelman Pro HP was especially designed to work with new and used vehicles, and for a fraction of the price of comparable systems!
Everything you need to get started is included, and no experience is necessary. Simply order online, install in very little time, and calibrate your vehicle using the Whirl mobile app. Wheelman Pro HP can be set-up to autosteer your existing vehicles in just a couple of hours.

Wheelman Pro HP precision levels are stated in inches of cross-track error as reported and logged by the Wheelman Pro HP steering system while following an A-B guidance line at a speed between 3 and 10 mph under ideal conditions with a well-maintained, standard tractor. This precision level is a depiction of the ability of the system to steer to a guidance line and does not reflect either the absolute accuracy of the position or pass-to-pass accuracy that will vary due to time delay between passes.

**Available on iPhone and Android.


Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

  • Wheelman Pro HP delivers the proven productivity benefits of autosteering systems with a high pass-to-pass prevision. This means increased productivity, reduced costs, and less fatigue!
  • Our device was built to last and comes with a one-year warranty
  • Depending on your farming operation, Wheelman Pro HP can quickly pay for itself in the first season with reduced crop input, labor and maintenance costs.


  • We designed Wheelman Pro HP to work with new and old vehicles alike, so you can have an old tractor autosteering as accurately as a new tractor in less than a few hours.
  • Need any help? Contact support at 1-877-WHEELMAN or check out our online help.

No Experience Necessary

  • Install the device yourself. Our customized kits have everything included and don’t require any special tools.
  • Use our Whirl mobile app to quickly and easily calibrate your vehicle and start autosteering.




Find install manuals and quick start guides in our online help center

Wheelman Pro Quick Start Guide

HPX-200 Antenna Install Guide


Still have questions, get help from our customer support team when you visit our online help center.


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