HPX-200 Smart Antenna + 4 Months HPX-10

HPX-200 Smart Antenna + 4 Months HPX-10

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Customer Appreciation Promotion

This HPX Upgrade Kit includes a high precision antenna and a 4-month HPX-10 subscription for a discounted price of only $1,599.00 plus tax. By comparison, $584.00 is the regular price just for the HPX-10. For only $1,015 more, you are also getting a professional grade antenna that can operate in a high precision mode or operate in the subscription-free WAAS mode.

With a regular price of $584.00 just for the HPX-10 subscription, this HPX Upgrade Kit also includes a high precision antenna and receiver, for a total of $1,599.00 plus tax. This limited promotion was created especially for existing Wheelman customers as our way to say “Thank You” for your support and trust. When combined with your existing Wheelman, the HPX-200 replaces the standard Smart Antenna and uses the HPX-10 Precision GNSS subscription service to give you a significant performance improvement of 1.6 inches pass-to-pass.

Depending on your operation, you can use the high precision HPX-10 service for fertilizing, planting, and spraying, then switch to the free WAAS service for the rest of the year.

The HPX Upgrade Kit contains the following components, which is all you need for the performance improvement:

  • HPX-200 Antenna
  • HPX-10 satellite correction service (4 months subscription from the time of activation)

This is a promotional offer that ends January 28th, 2021

HPX-200 Smart Antenna/Receiver

  • High-precision GPS antenna and receiver inside a single dome
  • Uses the HPX-10 satellite subscription service (pass-to-pass accuracy of 1.6 inches)
  • When not using the high precision HPX-10 service, the HPX-200 antenna reverts to the free WAAS correction service
  • Finds the GPS signals quickly
    • Less than 60 sec. cold start time
    • Less than 10 sec. hot start time
  • Convergence Time: 10 to 40 minutes

HPX-10 Precision GNSS

  • AgJunction's HPX-10 is a satellite-based global L-band correction service that delivers incredible accuracy at an affordable price
  • Uses GNSS data from GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo constellations
  • Repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy of 1.6 inches (within 15 minutes intervals)
  • The HPX-10 is ideal for customers with operations requiring high accuracy, such as strip-till, planting, fertilizer side-dressing, post-emerge spraying, harvesting, and more.

HPX-10 precision levels are stated in inches of cross-track error as delivered to the Wheelman steering system while following an A-B guidance line at a speed between 3 and 10 mph under ideal conditions with a well-maintained, standard tractor. This precision level is measured at the receiver and is R95 Horizontal over a period of 15 minutes. GNSS accuracy depends on multipath environments, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, and ionospheric activity.