Autosteering is hard to do, but it doesn't have to be complicated to use.

We should know. We're AgJunction the company founded in 1990 to pioneer precision guidance and autosteering. Our technologies are critical components in over 30 of the world’s leading precision Ag manufacturers and solution providers and we hold a comprehensive intellectual property with over 200 patents and patents pending.

AgJunction is recognized for creating reliable solutions backed by a deep mastery of precision technology. AgJunction markets its solutions under leading brand names including Novariant®, Wheelman®, Whirl™ and Handsfreefarm®.

To compete at today's commodity prices, farmers must find every way they can to reduce costs and increase yields. Autosteering is not just an advantage, it's a necessity. With HandsFreeFarm® by AgJunction and Wheelman®, we're bringing affordable autosteering to every farm in America to help them prosper.

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